How to start a wedding planning business

the fact still remains that the business is one of the most lucrative businesses that anyone can delve into. And apart from being lucrative, another interesting about the business is that it does not require much for you to get started.


2. Write a business plan

Write a simple business plan to maintain the focus of your business. List important aspects of your business, such as how much you will charge for your services, who your competitors are and what sets your business apart from theirs that will make clients want to choose you.

Include financial analysis to determine how long it will take you to break even and start making money for your business, and what areas you will need to re-invest in to make better. Sample business plans are available on the Small Business Administration website.

3. Develop a stylish company image

Wedding planning is all about style. Brides are trusting you, your eye, and your ideas to make their weddings beautiful. Your company image from your business name to your logo to the colors and fonts you’ll use in your marketing must demonstrate great style and attention to detail.

  How to start a wedding planning businessHow to start a wedding planning business

At the very least, you’ll need great-looking business cards and a smartly designed website to start out. Brochures and print ads can come later.



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