7 great reasons to remain single

Relationships are never smooth and sometimes two lovers can be very petty. You will be saved from all the drama that comes with being in relationships and boy,

People value relationships so much that they even forget about all the goodness that comes with being single.

Sadly, some will even stay in unhappy relationships just to remain relevant in the society. While being in a healthy relationship can be nourishing and satisfying, being single too has numerous benefits that we cannot ignore.

If you are already in a happy relationship, good for you. If not, you have all the reasons to remain happily single as long as you want. So, let’s get down straight to these reasons as to why you should remain single;

1. You make your own rules

Being single allows you to set your own rules and standards. Unlike being in a relationship where you have to set the rules that you will both agree on, you can choose to do whatever you wish without compromise.

  You set the rules to follow when single
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