4 Reasons Single women orgasm more than women in relationships – Study reveals

According to a new study, single women having more orgasms than their married counterparts.

2. Single women could be more comfortable in their skin:

While there’s no denying that people in long-term relationships are probably quite comfortable with each other, just because a woman is single doesn’t mean she can’t be equally comfortable. The comfort level that a woman]has with her own body can also play a major role in orgasm ability, Dr. Caudle says, and, as Dr. Michael notes, a lot of masturbation would lead to excessive levels of comfort.

3. Single women figure out what gets them off:

Being single and still maintaining a sexual life, whether alone or with partners, teaches women how to get themselves off in ways that those in relationships do not, as the study suggests. Combine that with more masturbation and increased comfort levels, and orgasms are like a slam dunk.




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