4 Reasons Single women orgasm more than women in relationships – Study reveals

According to a new study, single women having more orgasms than their married counterparts.

If you’re a single woman, then this is probably an exciting news. Orgasm is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure. According to a new study, single women having more orgasms than their married counterparts.

Single women org@sm more than women in relationships – Study reveals

It’s true. Well, at least according to this one particular study.The study out of Finland, of 2,173 Finnish women with an average age of 25 at the beginning of the study, found that over the seven-year study, using the Female Sexual Function Index, single women came out on top in regards to orgasm frequency.

However, before they got to that conclusion, they found that these rates changed throughout women’s lives, with those women who stayed in monogamous relationships throughout the seven-year study suffering from decreased sex drive while single women experienced an “orgasmic ability” of the highest order during those seven years.

As for those who started the study coupled up, but in another relationship by the time the seven-year period came to an end, they found their “orgasmic ability,” (which should totally be the name of a band), to be somewhere in the middle. However, their ability still fell short of women who remained single throughout the entire study.

Meanwhile, many women have trouble with orgasm ability at one time or another in their lives. While the majority of women reach orgasm easily through masturbation, many women find themselves distracted or unable to do so during partner sex, or simply can’t reach orgasm at all as a result of older age, medical conditions, such as diabetes, a history of gynaecological surgeries, depression, cultural or religious beliefs, shyness, guilt about enjoying sexual activity, history of sexual abuse, as depression or anxiety, stress, poor self-esteem, relationship issues, such as unresolved conflicts or lack of trust etc.

Here’s what experts had to say about why single women are getting off more.

1. Single women tend to masturbate more:

While Dr. Dawn Michael, certified clinical sexologist, sexuality counselor, and author of My Husband Won’t Have Sex With Me notes the study had too many variables, she did have this to say about masturbation: “Women in relationships tend to masturbate less often, and when having sex with their partner may not orgasm every time, and this can be one reason why women do have decreased orgasms in relationship as opposed to alone and masturbating more, thus having more orgasms alone.”




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