7 Hairstyles That Would Look Good On You No Matter Your Age

There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to hairstyles and your age should not be a limiting factor.

Just because you are at a certain age doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your hair. Older women can rock pixie cuts just like women in their 20s and vice versa.

The best way to go about it is to choose a style that would give you a matured look and still make you elegant

Get inspired by these 11 photos of different hairstyles that can be pulled off by women of all ages. From short to long and braids to crochet we’ve got all your hair needs covered.

1. Fringe Hairstyle

Irrespective of your face shape the fringe hairstyle is always a winner as it helps to hide your forehead and give you a whole new look. It works best for women in their 20s, 30s and even 40s. You can opt for a short fringe or a side fringe the choice is yours.

2. The Curly Hair Style

Curly hairstyles would definitely take you from zero to one hundred and the good thing is it works for every woman and is available in different lengths and designs. You can choose bohemian or Jerri curl or even go semi-afro. The choice remains yours.

3. The Pixie cut

For women who love short hairstyles, a pixie cut is an excellent option. It might seem like a hairstyle for younger women but celebrities like Rihanna and Halle Berry are proof that this works for women of all ages.

4. The Bob

The Bob is another classic hairstyle that has been proven over time to look good on women of all ages. You can go short or long, layered or straight. Any option you choose would definitely look good.

5. Ghana Weaving

If you are not one who likes fixing weaves Ghana weaving hairstyles are a good option. You can try the all back style or shuku or even side-part.

6. Crochet Twists

Crochet hair is definitely the new wave and it’s available as twists, dreads, locs and even curly hair. They are easy to install and they sure look good on women of all ages.

7. Bob Braids

Bob braids are another great option especially for women who love medium length hair.

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