7 ways to start a career in acting


Showbiz looks very glamorous and it is no wonder that a large number of individuals want to join the entertainment industry, particularly as actors.

However, to become an actor is not an easy feat as there are several one-hit wonders who had a short stay in the industry and were not able to keep up with the fame. Despite that, others have been able to successfully maintain relevance throughout their careers.

To become a very good actor and join the industry is quite tasking and we have gathered 7 steps, in no order of importance, to help one start an acting career.

  •  1. Practice

A number of people speak of their desire to appear on movie screens, but they are not usually willing to do what it takes. Acting takes a lot of time and practice. It is good for an aspiring actor to practice at all times, watch movies and try to mimic what other professional actors do.

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  •  2. Go for acting workshops

These workshops can help one learn very useful tips on how to improve acting ability. Some individuals are naturally gifted at acting but they would have to learn other skills to improve their craft.

  •  3. Go for auditions

Most people usually want to employ actors who already have experience. However, one cannot claim to have experience if they do not go for professional auditions. An actor should also learn from their try outs at auditions.

  •  4. Be ready for negative comments

It is a common saying that nothing good comes easily. For this reason, some judges at auditions are not so friendly and can be harsh with their comments, but a determined actor should not be bothered by their remarks but rather work on it to improve their skill.

  •  5. Mix up with people

No man is an island and we all need people. An actor should start to create a presence. This can be done by mixing with people of similar passions and dreams. This can help them share ideas and get useful information that can boost one’s career.

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  •  6. Have a flexible job

Acting is a time consuming career and an individual with a full time job might not find it easy to break into the industry. Having a flexible job can help to gain income while being able to easily make time for auditions.

  •  7. Acting as an extra

Extras are important parts of any movie and a production cannot be complete without them. In Nigeria, they are commonly referred to as ‘waka-pass actors’. Being a ‘waka-pass’ in a movie can help one gain the much needed experience, network with big stars and also create a presence.

Hopefully this article would be the push a person needs to follow their acting dreams.

A lot of people worry about getting fired and how this would affect their lives. They think about how they’re going to take care of their family or how they’ll finance the new project they’re working on. Losing a job is often a big blow especially if it catches one at a bad time. You may also like to see; 5 stylish photos of veteran Nollywood actress Joke Silva

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