If a babe tells you these 5 things, be very worried

If she says she has too much drama, don’t just take it as one of the cute things women say and ignore to ask important questions.

To date anyone, you would have gone through the early days of just talking and feeling up each other’s beliefs and learning what their values are.

As a guy, it is at this stage that you sample the babe’s thoughts, see if she’s more than a pretty face and abundant curves, and you also get to listen to what she has to say about issues that are fundamental to your decision to initiate a relationship with her or walk away.

When you are at this and talking stage, it is both important to watch what she does and to listen well to what she says. You don’t want to miss the hints and regret the relationship later when you could have avoided it all.

If she ever says any of these things, you may want to ask for clarification and be ready to run away as fast as you can if the answers don’t add up.

1. “I can be crazy sometimes”

You want someone sane. Someone mature enough to have a grasp and a lid on their emotions, so if she says she can be crazy sometimes, you really have to be careful and not just take it with a pinch of salt.

When people say they can be crazy sometimes, it is often a pointer to, and a glorification of anger issues and other toxic behaviours they don’t want to admit they have. And who says the ‘craziness’ she speaks of will only be ‘sometimes’?

One of the ways to deal with this is to find out if there have been previous relationships and how they ended.

If she says she has too much drama, don’t think it’s cute and ignore to ask questions. Ask. And run if the answer doesn’t sound good.

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