Photos of rich Sudanese man that got Nigerians talking

Over the years people have always questioned the sudden source of wealth of some of their friends, colleagues or even family members. Some of them have so much money that people can’t help but gossip behind their backs.

A Nigerian lady identified as Aishat Alubankudi, has taken to her Facebook profile to share pictures of an extremely rich Sudanese man who is fond of flaunting his wealth.

According to Alubankudi, she disclosed that even Bill Gates and Donald Trump’s children would never be this vain. She added that those ones would not do that because they were obviously fed with a silver spoon.

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Her Facebook post reads:

Bill Gates and Donald Trump’s children would never misbehave like this guy because they were born with silver spoons not accidental wealth.

See post below:

Some people have taken to her page to hurl insults on the man. One of Alubankudi’s followers, Naija IRepresent, disclosed that:

Dear All, there’s possibility that his one of those selfish and greedy guys that ruined the peaceful existence of South- Sudan. Just for the love of money. If I may guess right. Immediately after the referendum that later leads to their independent as a new Country. Most of the Top Government officials were seems buying expensive cars living large at the expenses of the poor Southern Sudanese. Which later leads to factions again among them. Really am not surprised.

Kola Al-Amin also disclosed that:

How can you celebrate success with other people’s money? This guy is an official from South Sudan, majority of South Sudanese live in abject poverty. It’s not a celebration of wealth it’s a celebration of corruption.”

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When it comes to one of the richest youths in Nigeria, Ray Hushpuppi, as fondly called will never be left unmentioned. The young man, who is Malaysian-based is well known for his endless love for popular international brand Gucci.



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