Jubril Aminu was transformed to ‘fake Buhari’ in London — Nnamdi Kanu

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has vowed to expose how Jubril Aminu was transformed to replace ‘dead Buhari’ in London.

The IPOB leader, while describing the act as evil, promised to shock Nigerians with the revelation on Saturday evening.

In a tweet he shared yesterday, Kanu said he will expose the evil work of a cabal in the presidency.

“The transformation of Jubril Aminu to replace dead Buhari, an evil that will destroy the demonic #Nigeria and free millions of lives,” he tweeted.

“I will expose the dirty work of the Nigerian ruling cabal tomorrow on Radio #Biafra at 6 pm.

“Be ready to embrace the beginning of your freedom.”

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  2. Muhammad Sageer Maharaz says

    Absolute mental derangement

  3. Ajibola Saheed says

    We don hear,anything else?

  4. Obioma Ukejianya says

    Kanu has kept Nigeria in disarray

  5. Obehi Obiyan says

    KANU com to Nigeria ,y r u running

  6. Ugwuanyi Godwin Cash says

  7. Paulo Uchola says

    The same people that says we are fantastically corrupt?

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