When two lawyers are in love: Beautiful pre-wedding photos of Tosin and Ibukun

Love is a beautiful thing and the moment when a couple decides to walk down the aisle and spend the rest of their lives together is one of the most important moments for them as a couple.

After telling the family, choosing a date and planning their lives together, the next step is to take pre-wedding photos because it tells the story of the chemistry between the couple.

Pre-wedding photos are no longer what they used to be. Couples take their pre-wedding photos now have a unique theme that tells a good story unlike the photos of looking into each others’ eyes that people took before.

This couple tried to tell their story with their pre-wedding photos. They are both lawyers who are prepared to walk down the aisle.

Their pre-wedding photos truly tells the story of their love, in which the two of them are lawyers who love each other. They were both spotted in their black court dress and chancery wigs.

In another photo, the couple rocked matching outfits in blue jeans and white t-shirts and another showed them rocking traditional wears, the lady was seen in a pink lace and the groom wore a black traditional outfit on a pink cap.



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