Kano singer stabbed by neighbour for ‘singing about his father’

Kano singer identified as Sani Aliyu Wawo a.k.a Malam buda mana littafi, was reportedly stabbed by his neighbour multiple times for reportedly ‘singing about his father’.

The Kano singer was stabbed six times by his neighbour  Yusuf Sadiq on Thursday night, while parking his car at his residence in Masaka area of Kofar Mazugal in Kano metropolis. This came over a mistaken assumption that the entertainer was referring to Sadiq’s father, in one of his popular songs.

“I was sitting in the car when a neighbour called Yusuf knocked on window. I thought he came to congratulate me for buying a new car. Instead he asked ‘do you recognize me? I’m Yusuf and I come to warn you for abusing my father’,” said the Kano Singer.

“He moved closer, brought a knife from his gown and stabbed me in the neck,” added Sanin Wawo.

“When he attempted to stab me a second time, I tried to stop him with my hand that’s why you see this wound on my hand,” he said.

“It was only after he stabbed me six times that I succeeded in breaking the knife. He therefore ran away and left me bleeding,” He asserted.

While the suspect was arrested by the police but was released on bail pending arraignment in court on Monday, January 7,2019, the stab victim was taken to hospital.

WARNING! Other photos are graphic, viewer’s discretion advised; see pictures here.

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