Research Bird accused of being on juju mission, killed in Rivers state

Migratory bird being used for research mistaken for being on juju mission killed in Rivers state

On January 10, a Facebook user took to his profile account to reveal how a bird wearing rings around its feet was killed in a farm in his village.

The man simply known as Nwibe Dumle innocently shared the photo of the strange bell killed with the so-called rings on its feet on his page.

He captioned it: “This bird was killed today in my village farm, and surprisingly rings were found on two sides of it legs with different inscriptions on them each.”

But people were quick to point out that what he called rings on the bird’s feet were inscriptions on the creature. Some noted that the bird might be one of the migratory bird used for research and that it might have missed its way.

Read some of their reactions below:

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