Here are 5 signs of a self-centered partner

When you are in a relationship, you expect that your partner would actually care about you. In reality what this implies is that they sometimes make concessions, few sacrifices, a number of compromises here and there for your sake; they share parts of their material possessions with you and generally just be willing to occasionally go out of their way to make you happy.

It is called selflessness. That expression of affection in a manner that actually shows that a partner cares about the other.

If you are wondering if your partner cares about you, here are five things they will not do. In other words, here are five signs that your partner is self centered:

1. They always win

Their opinion carries all the time. They may make it look sometimes like they want your input, but eventually, you know they always have their will carried out.

2. Never break a sweat for you

You really can’t point to one time they have gone through any inconvenience for your sake even though there have been opportunities to do so.

It’s the nature of relationships; partners have to bend over at some point for each other and if he or she is ensuring to not do this for you, that’s one of the signs you need to know they are not particularly selfless like that.

3. Try to change you to soothe their ego

If he or she wants to change your personality and habits to match their wants and needs, it’s one more sign that their selfish desires count more than your happiness.

4. Your needs are not important

It seems they always want something. Anytime you expresses a need, they dismiss it easily. Only their desires matter.

5. Rarely happy for you

Do they cheer for you when you win?




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