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5 things to consider when planning a surprise valentine getaway trip for your partner

There are some questions you have to ask yourself before surprising your partner with a trip, as well as important prior plans that have to be made to avoid the trip being a tragic disappointment.

1. What kind of traveller is your partner?

Is your partner a chill needer or a thrill seeker? Will your partner be fine with slumming it down to keep up with the budget or is he/she a bit high-handed? Deciding what traveller profile your partner falls into will determine your choices, to an extent, for the eventual destination.

2. What’s your budget?

Knowing how much you’re willing to spend will limit your choices as well. Will you be travelling out of Nigeria, Africa, etc.? It will determine the sort of trip you’ll have, and the things you can splurge on. Choosing a destination that appropriately suits your pocket will allow you have a nice time, so that a part of the trip doesn’t suffer.

3. Choose your location

After determining what sort of traveller your partner is and what your budget is, you’ll have a smaller list of choices to choose from. From here, you can finally choose a destination that you think would be perfect for your romantic getaway. In Nigeria, there are many beautiful resorts to perfect for a getaway, but if you want to step of the country, here are some African destinations perfect for a romantic getaway.

4. Travel arrangements

At this point, you should have chosen the destination you’d like to visit. Accommodation, transport and tour arrangements should be made. A surprise trip should already have hotels booked, flight tickets bought, visas ready if necessary and everything taken care of. There shouldn’t be any screw-ups that would cause your partner worry.

5. Itinerary and schedules

If your trip requires an itinerary, you should have planned times you’ll be spending where and what you’ll be doing during the different times. A group trip or a planned tour is advised to plan all this.

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