Maryland dead bodies: Identities unveiled as Neighbor narrate encounter with victims moments before their mysterious death

In new reports, the cause of the deaths of a gentleman and a lady discovered inside a engine-running vehicle in Maryland may not be as a result of the car’s air conditioning system as being speculated.

The deceased have been identified as Creative Director, Image World Visuals, Emmanuel Chetan, and lady Annie Akhadelor.

Since their mysterious death in the early hours of Saturday, several causes have been attributed to their demise.

But in a new report, as investigations into their deaths were taken, it’s been discovered that they just might have died as a result of poisoned drinks.


It was gathered that Emmanuel and Annie were on their way back from the club and were just a stone-throw to Emmanuel’s house but he had stopped and parked his car in a space belonging to another resident who usually parks his car there.

This resident then confronted Emmanuel, asking him to move his car and according to him, Emmanuel said he would move it but he was feeling uncomfortable at the time and so when he felt better, he would move.

Emmanuel was to be discovered dead later after local authorities were consulted and had to force open the car, they found containers of the drinks they allegedly consumed.




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