Lady exposes boyfriend’s side chic on Twitter

Relationships mean different things to different people. While some will go above and beyond for their partners, others cannot bear the thought of losing their partner to another and they will rather fight than let go.
Such is the case of Twitter user, Crispy Beatrice, who decided to call out her boyfriend’s side chic on social media. The seemingly angered girlfriend also released chats between her boyfriend and a certain Mercy who she warned to stay away from her boyfriend.
It is not surprising to see a lady calling out another because of a man. In fact, most ladies often attack the extra girl than their man when they suspect he is cheating on them, especially when the man plays victim and acts like he is being chased rather than doing the chasing.


It is with such audacity that some women believe they have the right to call out the woman who is supposedly disturbing their man as opposed to blaming their man for being available to the supposed intruder. For Crispy Beatrice, she will spare no one when it comes to her man and Mercy should better stay off. Read her post below:

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