Ghanaian headmaster in viral sex video with student breaks silence

The Ghanaian headmaster seen in a viral sex video with a student breaks his silence a year after the scandal took place.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Robert Seppey, popularly known as ‘kitchen stool headmaster’, stated that he was in a relationship with the girl in the video. He also revealed that the girl was not his student as reported and that she was not 16 years old at the time they made the sex video in 2016.

“I was a headteacher for a basic school and I was in a relationship with a girl who wasn’t my student.

“She was in her third year in secondary school and was not 16 years as circulated because as of 2016, she was eligible to vote”, he said.

Speaking on how the video found its way into the hands of the public, the Ghanaian headmaster said:

“The memory chip belonged to Priscilla and she wasn’t aware the video was still on it.

“Her brother requested to use the card and that was where he saw the video and showed it to his friends.

“This resulted in me being blackmailed by one of his friends and when I failed to heed to his request, he shared the video”.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) dsimissed Mr. Robert Seppey on February 23rd 2018 for sexual misconduct.




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