Jussie Staged attack: O’Shea Jackson slams Jussie Smollett

American actor, O’Shea Jackson Jr. – the oldest son of Ice Cube – has slammed Jussie Smollett over his staged homophobic attack.

Reacting to the Empire actor’s arrest and bail, O’shea Jackson questioned why he would pull such a stunt by trying to use different communities. He wrote;

“What upsets me about this Jussie situation is that people were genuinely worried about you man. And the things that you said happened could have led to some serious outcomes. People were prepared to fight for you bruh. Things coulda got ugly…… and you made it up.”

The world has plenty of real monsters. You don’t have to make up any. And what for? Just further dividing people for personal gain? It sucks for the people who actually have to deal with that type of hate.

Jussie Smollett who after the attack referred to himself as the ‘gay Tupac’ was also called to question by O’Shea Jackson Jr.

his staged homophobic attack.

The actor and rapper questioned why Smollett had to involve Tupac’s name, he wrote;

“And why did you call yourself the gay Tupac. What does Tupac have to do with anything that happened to you? Did you do this to sell records bro? Did you fake a hate crime, Enrage the Black community. The LBGT community and anti-Trump community just to sell records bruh?”

“People could’ve gotten hurt. Thinking they’re protesting and standing up for you. This is not a game.”

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