Eye sex: Woman gets serious infection after husband had sex with her eye orbit

A health worker with the name Dustin Krassin has given a narration on social media on how one of his patients’ husband engages in Eye Sex with her. In his narration, he revealed the woman has a prosthetic eye, which the husband forces her to take off just for him to penetrate her through the eye socket.

According to him, the woman got seriously infected in her eye orbit from the horrific act.

Read his post:

Gross things… This one wins. I work in ophthalmology practise with a very assorted mix of patients (culturally and clinically), most of which are of poor health. If you are queasy read no further, gradually this story has a happy ending…

Caucasian female, early 40s, we have seen before with mostly unremarkable findings. Pain in OD(right eye). The OD is a prosthetic (trauma as a child, enucleated). Discharge x 2-3 days, moderate pain and some mild UL swelling.

Removed prosthetic, 2+ mucoid/mucopurulent discharge,3+ hyperemic conj mucosa in the orbit. Irrigated the socket heavily. Paused whilst irrigating to ask the patient more given the unusual presentation, regarding her prosthetic.

She relui and with embarrassment reported that she occasionally removes her prosthetic eye… And her husband has intercourse..

In the orbit.. The most recent adventure leading to these findings. Monogomous couple. We treated her successfully with antibiotics gtts and ung and that was the happy ending..

True story.

PS I’m sorry if I ruined your evening.



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