3 questions to consider before you accept a new job

You already know what is expected of you when you’re looking for a new job, right? Have a perfect CV; apply for a job and nail the job interview. When you finally get the job offer, you still have to consider one thing: Is this job worth it?

If you find yourself wondering about the job offer and how it’ll impact on your career advancement, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Will I be better off?

There are different reasons why people change jobs. If you’re looking for a new job because you want to get a better pay, you still need to consider those things that’ll make you a better employee on the job.

2. Is the new company really great?

How financially stable is the company you’re moving to? It’s worth taking some time to consider the financial strength of the company that’s offering you a new job before you decide to leave your current job. Reach out to people in the company to make some findings about the organization and its future.

3. What am I giving up?

Obviously, you have some reasons for searching for a new job, but before you decide to quit your job, you’ve got to think about those things you’ll probably miss about the job.

Are there opportunities for you in your current job that might take a longer time to become available in the new job you’re considering? Are there higher chances of growing in your current job than the new one you’re being offered. You’ve really got to weigh your options before you decide to quit and accept the new job.

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