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See what riders did following Okada ban in Onitsha (photos)

Nigerians are replete with talents all over. When a way is closed to them, they make another opportunity open. Following Okada ban, Onitsha people get creative, convert motorcycles to tricycles.

Recently, motorcycles were banned from the streets of Onitsha. In order to make a way out of this, the men in the region decided to convert their motorcycles into tricycles.

In light of this, what they did was put a trolley on the seats of their motorcycles. Then, they added extra wheels which practically converted their bikes into tricycles.

What is more, most people subscribed to this idea and converted their motorcycles to this innovative invention. By implication, the streets of Onitsha were practically littered with these motorcycles-turned-tricycles.

Their creativity was particularly liked and embraced by a whole lot of Nigerians. A particular lady named Jessique on Twitter took to sharing photos of this lovely invention. She showed pictures of motorcyclists riding in this fashion.

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