My father abused me sexually – Michael Jackson’s sister LaToya Jackson

LaToya Jackson has accused her late father of sexually abusing her and her sister Debbie while they were growing up as kids. In her memoir Growing Up In The Jackson Family, LaToya alleged that Joe Jackson would get into her bed and that her mother, Katherine, was aware of his actions.

She wrote:

‘When your father gets out of bed with your mother and gets into bed with his daughter and you hear the mother saying, “No, Joe, not ­tonight. Let her rest. Leave her alone, she’s tired,” that makes you crazy.’

She went on to claim that her abuse began when her older sister Rebbie moved out of the family home age 16.

‘There wasn’t just physical abuse, there was also mental abuse, which is very disturbing, and also sexual abuse,’ she said during an interview with Live With Regis And Kathie Lee to promote the book at the time.

‘I tread very light, because it is a very touchy subject, and it’s dealing with my sister and I wasn’t able to talk about myself just yet.’

‘You have to be ready to talk about these things, and it’s a very sad story because Rebbie, a wonderful person, she left home when she was 16 and the reason was because my father would get out of bed with my mother and get into bed with Rebbie,’ she added.

‘It began with me when Rebbie left.’You live with this as if you’re doing something wrong and you’re frightened. And you’re embarrassed. I’ve been embarrassed all my life to ever talk about it, to mention it.’

When asked if her younger sister Janet was also abused she added:

‘I don’t know. She’s never spoken about it. I certainly hope he didn’t.’

Joe died in 2018 age 89.

In 1993, LaToya, now 62, also claimed her mother Katherine had shown her two cheques written to the parents of ‘little boys’ for the alleged sexual abuse carried out by Michael.

‘There were two cheques that I know of that she has shown me and it’s for a substantial amount of money and she was outraged over it,’ claimed LaToya in 1993 in an interview with NBC News.
‘My mother is very much aware of the children that were there. All the boys that stayed there. She’s the one who always said that Michael, excuse my expression ‘that f****t,’ she said.

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