Football’s Strongest Player Who Is A Nigerian Talks About Joining Wrestling

Nigerian footballer who’s been labelled football’s strongest player, has admitted that stepping into the world of wrestling is a possibility. 36-year-old Adebayo Akinfenwa may well be considering what to do once his playing days are over. A meeting with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and the fact his kids are fans of the sport could play a role in a switch to the ring.

“We have had conversations,” he remarked about a jump to WWE on The Football Social. “I’m into WWE because my kids are.

“I got the chance to meet The Rock and we had a little conversation. “So watch this space, who knows.”

The striker is enjoying his third year with Wycombe, netting 17 goals en route to promotion and a League Two Player of the Season nomination in 2017/18.

When asked if he could beat The Rock, Akinfenwa was clear: “What? Of course, yeah.”

In discussing his wrestling name and signature move, he added: “It will just be something like Beast and I’ll have the Beast Slam, who knows.”




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