#GameofThronesSeason8: Gwendoline Christie on how show affected her

 Gwendoline Christie of the popular series Game Of Thrones, has said that the show ‘squeezed every drop’ out of her.

The actress, who stars as Brienne Of Tarth in the fantasy series, opened up about saying goodbye to the show and her beloved character after so long.

It appears she won’t miss the workload, as she admitted:

‘It was just a lot, a lot, a lot. It was a lot! … I agree with Kit. They squeezed the orange. Every last drop of juice out of that orange! And just a husk was left behind.’


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However, she makes no secret of the impact that the show had on her life, confessing to the Guardian’s Weekend magazine:

‘That character has changed my life. I feel emotional. I feel emoji – the tears straight down, and the scream

And her stint on the show has helped her in a host of ways, with the 40-year-old previously revealing that it allowed her to deal with body insecurities.

‘I remember when I had my hair cut off, the armour, the mud … I completely changed the way that I looked. I knew I had to overcome the things that I was uncomfortable with, like my androgyny, my height, my physical strength, feeling like an outsider, being told I was an outsider. ‘It’s definitely given me more confidence.’ she recalled



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