Nigerian Lady desperately looking for original owner of ‘Okrika’ bag she bought after finding some USD notes inside

Nigerian Lady finds dollar notes in 2nd hand bag she bought

A Nigerian lady identified as Lucy took to social media to share photo of the dollar notes she saw in a 2nd hand bag she bought.

While sharing the photo on Twitter, the lady stated that she is ready to refund the cash to the actual owner if there was a way to do so.

She wrote;

“Guys I’m in awe!!!!!! Just bought this bag and got home.. Look what I found. If I find the legit first owner I can send back the money.”


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The lady later gave an update, where she wrote that she has not yet been able to trace the owner of the cash and her holiday has never been great.

“Update: I’ve still not heard from the first owner, no response to the mail I sent, Money is still intact as I found it, I’ve paid the bag woman her balance from my hard earned money.. Just incase anyone was wondering. My holiday is going great and I am the happiest I’ve ever been.”, she tweeted.



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