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5 Nigerian comedians who pioneered funny skits on Instagram

It is no longer a surprise that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, are the places to go if someone wants the world to know about an idea they have dreamed up. They are also used by people who desire to be known through their special skills.

Out of all the social media platforms, Instagram is the most flexible one, which gives content creators room to make their ideas known either through videos or photos, and it continues to develop for the purpose of users.

Be it fashion, beauty, comedy or photography, Instagram has helped many talented Nigerians to develop their career.

Even though Instagram has been so much help to the careers of so many people, there are people who pioneered creation of content on the platform, they were the first ones to use the potential of Instagram for their own use. LegitNG has taken a trip down memory lane to find the Nigerians who trail-blazed comedy skits on Instagram.

1) Falzthebahdguy

Folarin Falana, now known as an actor, comedian, lawyer and rapper, was one of the first Nigerians who did comedy skits on social media. The rapper had started his career as a musician, but when that did not work out as it should, he began doing funny skits that got him the fame he has now.

Falz is hands down talented, he is an excellent actor, an exceptional comedian and talented rapper. He also became the highest grossing actor in 2018 for his role in the movies, Merry Men, Chief Daddy and New Money.


2. Crazeclown

Crazeclown is a medical doctor based in Ukraine. He was one of the first Nigerians to cave a niche for himself in the comedy skits field.

The talented comedian often features antics of his ‘son’ Ade who is in his skits. The skits mostly tell the story of how a typical Nigerian father behaves. Crazeclown has made a name for himself.


3. Emma Oh Ma God

Brethren EmmaOMG describes himself as a singer, musician and an actor. He began his career as a media personality making comedy skits for Wazobia FM and Cool FM. He later moved his work to Instagram and YouTube, where he gathered a lot of following and fame.

The skits that made the comedian popular was his Yoruba version of Chris Brown’s songs, Loyal and New Flame.

Emma Oh Ma God

4. Wofaifada

Wofai Ewa is a TV presenter, actor, MC, model and a great funny skit content creator. The young lady has gathered lots of followers and fame with her creative work on Instagram.


5. WoliAgba

Ayo Ajewole first began his career as a comedian in the popular oti ganpa comedy series. He later brought his skill sets to Instagram where he dazzled fans with his creativity and rib cracking scenes.

His skits are usually about an overconfident ‘man of God’ and his adventures with his mischievous protégé, Dele.

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