Instagram comedian Funny Toheeb labeled as yahoo boy, arrested by police (photos)

Popular Instagram act Funny Toheeb known for recreating the iconic attires of celebrities was recently arrested by the police. According to him, some police officials mistook him for a yahoo boy, and because of this, they took him to the police station.


The Instagram comedian who did not find the experience funny lamented on social media about the ill treatment and harassment he received. Rhetorically, he asked when the police would stop harassing the youths of the country.

Funny Toheeb also shared photos of himself in the police station. In the pictures he posted, he was holding a sleek laptop which the police must have thought was his instrument of operation.

According to the comic merchant who broke the news via his Instagram page on the, 18th June, he queried when the Nigerian police would listen and stop harassing youths.

Many Nigerians found it hilarious and painful that the comedian had been arrested on this note.

See What he posted below:

When will Nigeria police listen and stop harassing youths???… this is me yesterday in police custody, allegedly accused of Yahoo Yahoo… ‍ it’s not even funny



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