Man rapes, murder Youth Corps member few days after passing out in Imo state; Police accused of supporting suspect

Details about the death of corps member raped and murdered in Imo state just days to passing out revealed

Source LIB

Dreams of 27-year-old Lillian Mgbanwa to become a chartered accountant was cut short on Sunday by one Chukwuemeka Eze, who allegedly raped her and murdered her.

Late Lillian Mgbanwa was an Accountancy graduate of Nasarawa Polytechnic, late Lillian Mgbanwa. She was doing the mandatory National Youth Service at the St Gregory Missionary Secondary School, Amiri, Oru-East LGA, Imo State, when she met her untimely death in the hands of men suspected to be ritualists, operating from Mgbidi, Imo State.

Parading the only suspect so far arrested for the crime, Chukwuemeka Eze, at the Imo State Police Command, Owerri, the Police Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said that Eze’s arrest was part of the success of Operation Puff Adder recently launched nationwide by the Inspector General of Police. According to him, “here is Chukwuemeka Eze, who murdered a ex- youth corps member, Lillian Mgbanwa, after raping her.”

Suspect, Chukwuemeka Eze

Mba said: “on July 2, 2019, Eze, who pretended to be insane, deaf and dumb, took an android phone belonging to his prey to the shop of one Ahamefule Onyeka for charging. Onyeka , who suspected Eze as he could not defend the calls coming into the phone, reported the development to the police in Oru West. This suspect was arrested and he confessed that he took away the ex-corps member’s phone after raping her to death.”

However, our investigation reveals that late Mgbanwa was still serving her nation when she met her death. A source close to Lillian’s youth corps colleagues said that she went to join her colleagues in Mgbidi on Saturday for their skill acquisition training in tailoring. After the day’s training, she decided to sleep over as it was too late to return to her house. It was alleged that on her way home, Eze, and his gang forcibly dragged her to their hideout where she was raped and murdered.

The source said they suspected that Lillian was killed for rituals as her killers harvested some vital organs from her body and completely severed her head from the body.

Sources close to the community said that the people have been living in perpetual fear as Eze and his group have continuously raped and killed their victims. The sources disclosed that two ladies have fallen victim to similar crime, and Eze and his gang remained untouchable as he would be released soon after he was arrested. One of the sources said that such action has raised strong suscipicion in the community that he (Eze) has wide connections with some highly placed individuals in the state and the police, who give him protection.

Lillian’s uncle, Chief Mike Mgbanwa confirmed that her headless body was found in the bush “just less than 10 metres from the road”.

Police Spokesperson, Mr. Mba said that “this development is pathetic and worrisome, but we promise that justice will be served.”

Family demand justice for their daughter

The family of slain Lillian Mgbanwa is seeking justice after their daughter was raped and killed while serving in Imo state.  The family suspect the case is about to be swept under the rug and they are speaking out.

The family members of the deceased said things took a turn recently as it seems the police are now trying to make excuses for the suspect.

According to LIB, the Family gathered this isn’t the first time Chukwuemeka Eze is being accused of murder. They said locals told them he has been arrested twice for murder and was later released both times. The second time, the case went to court but the family members of his victims were continually threatened and they didn’t follow through with the case. This meant that Eze was able to roam free again and had the opportunity to carry out another horrific attack.

Relatives of the deceased said they suspect Eze’s plan was to use Lillian for rituals. They also revealed that bags belonging to other women were found at the scene where Lillian’s body was dumped. They said this means there are other victims.

They claimed that the officers, who were initially treating Eze as a criminal, recently began saying he is mentally unstable. Later, the Mgbanwa family claimed, the police officers said the suspect is deaf and dumb.

But the Mgbanwa family say they are not buying this because the suspect spoke clearly when he admitted to the murder and took them to the body.

The family of the deceased say they suspect a cover up and they are asking for justice to ensure that another family is not thrown into mourning because of Eze’s actions.

The deceased’s Uncle, Chief Mike Mgbanwa, and  the deceased’s cousin Remmy Mgbanwa, said they do not want the police to sweep the case under the rug or give the suspect a lenient sentence under the guise that he is mentally unstable or deaf and dumb. They are asking that he be tried and justice served.

Watch them speak in the video below.

Source LIB



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