Revealed! Why OAP Toke Makinwa Had Her Body Done

Toke Makinwa announced to the world that she had enhanced her butt and augmented her boobs.

Since the big reveal on her blog, she has been rubbing her body goals in people’s faces and the entire social media community.

In 2018, she openly admitted to finally achieving the skin tone she had desired for years. After admitting in her book “On Becoming” that she had indeed bleached her skin from dark melanin to caucasian white in a bid to secure her ex-husband, Maje, whom she accused of perpetually cheating on her with the light-skinned, Anita.

Toke, at the time, had felt if she was lighter she would make her man love her more and curb his cheating habits. But yet again it was a failed attempt, as Maje went on to have a child with Anita.

Toke Makinwa

Fast forward to 2019, Toke Makinwa who just returned from her short summer vacation in Ghana in the company of her team and designer, Mai Atafo, was spotted at an event in Lagos.

Toke, before this party, had told her fans how she trimmed her waist to a smaller size, giving her the desired coke bottle body she wanted.

It is safe to say Instagram filter looks good on Toke Makinwa and her newly enhanced body. The OAP’s newly acquired butt is a far cry from what we see on Instagram in reality.

A lot of people have wondered what led the media influencer to alter her shape and augment her butt. According to the grapevine, she entered a relationship with a Nigerian man based in the US.

According to speculations, they met on one of her various trips and he was mesmerized by her skin colour. He made his intentions known to the baby girl and she was beyond happy. At least, she could finally boast to her ex and the world that she had found love again, or so she thought.

After a few months together, it is alleged that her US lover started praising ladies with a “coke bottle” shape and our president of baby girl thought to herself that if only she could get a Brazilian butt, her newfound love would turn into a story of happily ever after.

She, therefore, decided to have a Brazilian butt done and augment her breasts as well. We do not know the exact location of her surgery but it sure does not look great.

It has been rumoured that after her augmentation, was one of her friends snitched on her, ratting her out to the man that the OAP did not buy the jeep she drives, that it was instead a gift from a notable Lagos billionaire and exposed some other naughty secrets about her trips. The US lover reportedly discovered some many nasty things about baby girl’s life.

The relationship suffered a tumultuous death and baby girl was left single once again. This time with a lopsided Brazilian butt.

This begs series of questions, does the baby girl suffer from a deep almost incurable illness of low self-esteem? She preaches one thing on social media and turns deaf ears to her own advice. Or does she suffer from chronic daddy issues?



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