Solar Animal Repeller to Keep Away Dogs, Cats, and Other Animals

Let’s be honest, pests and stray/wild animals are nuisances. The pests will target your crops in the yard, while the animals might also come to destroy things in your home. Either way, you need to find a way to control them.

Exterminating might seem like a reliable option, but the best option of them all is using proper prevention methods. Plus, you need an option that will not be too costly to buy and also maintain. Above all, the preventative method you opt for must be easy to use. In this case, we are talking about solar ultrasonic animal repeller.

How Do They Work?

The solar animal repeller is powered by solar, and it emits an ultrasonic sound that is uncomfortable to the animals/pets. In this case, the animal will stay away from that repeller. Such animals like martens, squirrels, cats, wild boar, and foxes will be repelled by the device.

The repeller comes with approximately 10m working range, where it will detect animals that are 10 meters away. After detecting the animal, the repeller will start giving out powerful ultrasonic waves that will cover not only where the animal is but an area of around 100sqm. Plus, this sound is covered in a 120-degree arc. It is important to mention that the animal repeller comes with an inbuilt motion sensor.

Therefore, the repeller will sense the movement of the animal as soon as it reaches the 10m range. These repellers come with solar panels that will power up the rechargeable batteries to assure you of a device that runs 24/7. You won’t have to worry about changing the battery or the device going off when you need it to keep away the wild animals.

Will The Repeller Also Affect My Pets?

Unfortunately, the repeller will also work on your dogs and cats. For that matter, you should keep your dog away from the repeller to avoid the discomfort of the pet. Luckily, you will be confident that no animal will trespass and get into your compound. This also means that your neighbor’s dogs and cats will not trespass.

Which is the Solar Best Animal Repeller?

If you are looking for the best solar animal repeller, you must put some factors into consideration. Here are some of the factors you need to consider before you buy a specific solar repeller.

  • The Coverage

The first thing you need to consider is the coverage of the repeller. What amount of space can the repeller cover? This should be indicated in square feet. Each solar animal repeller model out there will come with different features/capabilities. Before you purchase any repeller, ensure that the repeller the area as you require.

Some repeller will come with coverage of up to 1290 square feet. With such a repeller, you can be sure of it keeping your large space free of animals and pests. Choose one that perfectly fits in your space and one that can cover the space accordingly. Even if you have a large compound but you just want to cover a specific area of the yard, it is still okay. It’s all about finding a repeller with the ideal coverage.

  • Sensitivity

To be honest, not every solar animal repeller out there will be as effective as possible when it comes to detecting the animals. The effectiveness of the repeller to keep away the animals is if it can detect those animals in advance. If you choose a repeller that isn’t as sensitive as such, the animals will easily get to your yard and damage your property.

Some repellers have a motion sensor that has a few-second delay. However, it should not be that way. The repeller should detect the movement of the animal and release the sound immediately. This way, the animal will not get past the coverage range.

So, ensure that the repeller is sensitive and responsive enough.

  • Safety (to humans)

The main aim of installing solar animal repeller is to keep away the wild animals and other stray dogs/cats. This means that it is only meant for the animals. Therefore, the sound frequencies produced by the repellers should not be detected by humans. If you don’t want the sound to affect your household pets, talk to the provider for suggestions. However, repellers meant for animals (not pests) will most probably affect your pets too.

  • Durability

Yes, the durability of the repeller is a major factor that you need to consider when buying one. When you have a durable repeller, you can be confident of enjoying its delivery for the longest time possible. The durability, in this case, implies the design and construction of the device. It should be made of strong and long-lasting material. It should be able to withstand the harsh outdoors climate. Whether it is scorching hot outside or it is snowing, the repeller should be strong enough without breaking down too quickly. It would be better if you found an animal repeller that comes with a warranty of money-back guarantee. This way, you can be confident that the dealer sold you a reliable and durable unit.

  • Price

Too many people ignore this point thinking that it is not important. Conversely, this point is very vital and it controls typically everything. If you cannot afford the repeller, you may not be able to get it for keeping the animals away. But that doesn’t mean that you should go for an extremely cheap unit. Instead, consider the factors we have just listed and settle for a unit that falls in your budget range. It should be affordable enough without forcing you to replace it too often.

Above all, make sure that you purchase a solar animal repeller from a recognized brand. With a recognized brand, you can always be sure of getting a reliable repeller. Even if it doesn’t satisfy you as they promised, most reputable brands will offer you a refund, which you can also use to get a different item from them. Generally, make the right choice and be sure to consider what other home users are saying about that repeller. Besides that, follow the necessary tips to help keep wild animals away from your home.




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