BBNaija: Evicted housemate Thelma speaks on life in the house, marriage plans and next move (video)

Evicted BBNaija housemate, Thelma may be pained for missing out on the opportunity to win N60 million prize, but she is gradually getting over the disappointment and facing the reality of her eviction. Thelma was a guest at the Opera News office in Lagos and she made some revelations about her stay in Big Brother’s house.

When asked about her stay in the house, she made it known it was a challenging one for her because she has never stayed with so many people under the same roof before.

Thelma said it was hard, and a major reason why she was having arguments and quarrels with some of the housemates. The 26-year-old cited her fight with Omashola as an example referring to him as a very annoying person which was why she could not control her anger when he stepped on her toes.

According to Thelma who thinks Nigerians were biased by taking sides, she said that “I don’t know why so many people do not want to understand because it is not as easy because you are watching, you have your opinion, you have the ability to press your phone and comment anything, that is not nice… really, it’s not”.

When asked about her marriage plans, she replied saying “I think I need to take a chill pill, like I am out here… I need to make use of my platform and the opportunity I will be able to grab, so we will be able to plan about that later… Something that we are working together”.

Thelma confessed about the housemate she would have dated in the house. She said, “I think I can really relate with Nelson in the house”.

When asked what she thinks about Mike because of her initial closeness with him in the house, Thelma replied saying “Oh! but i never noticed… was I (close to him)? I was apparently close to every housemate.”

Speaking about Khafi and Gedoni, the evicted contestant submitted that the latter is wrong to have said Khafi liked Sex too much.

“You see… That word coming out from Gedoni’s mouth is not really nice at all. You as a guy walked up to a girl and then at some point, and i know you were actually the first person to.. you know… take a bold step touching her and then the fact that maybe she now succumbed, you are now using it against her that she is the sex addict… So it is not you now, it is now khafi.

“Anyways sometimes I don’t want to say that errmm Gedoni is right or i don’t want to start blaming khafi because Khafi did not see that coming and even if anyone should tell Khafi that ‘look at oo Gedoni is a player oo’, she will not even accept it.

“So the only thing is if I were in her shoes, which I know that I can not be in her shoe. But if I am to advise her, I think she should just be her self, pause whatever she is doing, Gedoni might even come back, try his luck again and if he sees that Khafi has buckled up oo, he will just leave her and everything might just be like that… they can just still be friends. I don’t understand all these excess whatever.. it is not really called for, for real.”

Watch the video below:

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