Nigerians Blasts Ghanaian Dwarf For Claiming To Be Richer Than Dangote

Nigerians have reacted to the viral video of the dwarf seen bragging in a video than he is richer than Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote.

In the video which elicited a lot of reactions, he claimed his wristwatch, ring and chain cost millions of dollars which can purchase Dangote’s mansion.

The dwarf, now identified as Shatta Bandle has now fallen into a ‘hot soup’ as some angry Nigerians have advised him to first fix his ‘Motorway teeth’ before claiming the status of a big boy on the internet. According to many, he is just desperate for fame and attention.

Check out some comments we have been able to gather below:

“Arindi, fix your teeth”

“Nd yet u can’t fill your common teeth”

“Rich indeed! First fill up that express way in your mouth. Diamond teeth or even golden teeth won’t be a bad one.”

“He must a comedian or he wanted to join Aki and paw paw for comedy show. I just like him for making himself happy”


“You just came from no where and start saying you are richer than Dangote.who even know you? For your information, Dangote is the richest man in Africa and he is from NIGERIA so get lost”

“There are several dwarfs like you seeking for help pleasa bring them out of poverty level first before getting recognition and stop looking for cheap fame,we are not gullible in Nigeria”

“U dey find fame by all means….oga dwarf ur rollex self na ABA…LMAO”


“I love his self confidence even though it oozes stupidity but the confidence level is quite rare for his kind.”

“Abeg I need someone to take this guy to Esu  Ilare shrine in Ile-Ife so that he can meet his friend bcos dey have same height:

“Dangote in that picture and he be like “Look at this arindi”

“No be lie but fix your teeth ”

'Dangote help the short boy because he is hungry' - Nigerians blast Shatta Bandle for challenging Dangote

Recall the dwarf claims he is richer than Dangote, and he showed off expensive jewelries in aa viral video that made it way online. Watch the video below:


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