Footballer rushes to kiss wife after scoring, only for the goal to be canceled (Video)

The hilarious moment a Brazilian footballer rushes to kiss his wife after scoring a goal that was almost immediately disallowed was captured in a video now going viral.

The footballer, Wanderson Cristaldo Farias jumped into the crowd to kiss his wife after he scored a goal, only to find out that the goal had been disallowed once he ran back on to the pitch.

Farias thought he had opened the scoring for Bulgarian side Ludogorets in their First Division game against Slavia Sofia and excitedly ran off the pitch to find his wife and kissed her. Delighted, his wife hurried down the stairsto meet the midfielder.

The moment she arrived at pitch level, the beaming pair leaned over the advertising hoarding, exchanged some brief words and shared a passionate kiss.

Sadly, his joy was short-lived as he turned round to re-enter the field of play only to realize the goal had been disallowed and the teams had played on without him. His goal had been ruled offside.

Watch the video below.




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