Katie Price in agony as she splits her boob surgery stitches while in bed with new toyboy Charles Drury

Katie Price has reportedly pulled two of her boob surgery stitches out while in bed with her new toyboy Charles Drury.

According to friends of the glamour model, she is in agony as a result of ripping the stitches after a wild night with her new boyfriend in Turkey.

According to The Sun, a friend of the mother-of-five said:

“Katie woke up in so much pain after her big night out and thinks she’s pulled one or two stitches out of the scar from her recent boob reduction surgery.

“She doesn’t know if she did it in the club or in bed with Charles at night because she was so drunk.

“She’s worried that it’s going to stop the healing process, but she’s due to visit her surgeon for a check up so hopefully it won’t scar.

“Katie’s on antibiotics to stop any infections, but she’s totally ignoring doctors orders by sweating, getting in the pool and boozing until she’s almost unconscious.

“Her attitude is that she’s had so much surgery that she knows what she can and can’t do – but it’s going to leave horrible scars if she doesn’t stop ripping the stitches.”

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