Lady Narrates How Customer Service Rep Almost Took His Life Due To Work Stress

Twitter user, Toyin Fabunmi Okpaleke, left many people bewildered after she shared the story of how an overworked customer service representative almost took his own life. In a series of tweets, she narrated how he was made to man two desks after a colleague went on leave.

However, the work load became too much for him to handle as he was basically doing the job of two people. On a day it became too much for the said worker, he walked out of the office with his phone, abandoning his work and customers waiting.

Two days later, he came back to work and revealed he was at the verge of taking his own life. According to him, he left the office with two options; to either take his life or go somewhere to de-stress of which he chose the latter.

She wrote: “So one of their customer service officers went on maternity leave and no one thought of getting a relief officer for her so one person had to start manning the two desks. Meanwhile this particular branch is a 2 in 1 as in two branches in one building , no space delineation.”

“Which means as a customer you may not even know that it’s two branches in the building. Anyway so one man now had to be doing customer service officer for two branches. Dude was overwhelmed so one day he just stood up, took his phone and walked out of the branch.”

“He didnt tell any body where he was going and he switched off his phones. Left customers standing in front of his table o. Minutes later they start looking for him , of course they couldn’t reach him on phone. No one could even step in and take over his duties.

Because he had some log ons that only a customer service officer could access. They had to escalate to zonal office and HR so those ones quickly dispatched someone 2 hours away o to come and pick up the slack. They realized no one even knew this guy’s house or any of his friends.”

“HR had to contact next of kin and those ones sef didnt know his whereabouts. Anyway 2 days later this dude shows up at the branch like nothing happened . Told them as at the time he stood up from his desk there were two options on his mind.

One to walk into the path of a trailer and get crushed and die or crawl into a hole somewhere , switch off his phones and de-stress. He chose the second option. I was just laughing when I heard this gist at the same time I could relate to his state of mind.”

Okpaleke who revealed that he was not punished but rather recommended for counselling, went on to narrate the story of a female who went on leave and refused to resume.

See post below:

“So I asked what management did and was told that thankfully no one sanctioned the dude. That instead he was recommended for counselling. That was just one of the stories o. Another was about a retail banker who went on leave and just refused to resume.

She didnt even bother to resign . She just texted her manager that she is not coming again o. This was a lady that worked as contract staff for years before being converted to full time in 2017 so I know she must have really had enough to quit that way.”

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