Wives Beat Husband For Planning To Marry A Third Wife

Talk about some men with their promiscuous libido and the ever increasing need to amass women like wealth. An Indian man, Dinesh, in that class recently got what was coming for him when he allegedly tried getting married to a third wife.

He was said to be beaten by his wife when illegally wanted to marry a third one. It should be noted that he first married in 2016 before he proceeded to marry a third one sometime in 2019.

Daily Mail reports that Dinesh had physically maltreated his two wives, which made them go back to their parents.

Meanwhile, all that time, the two wives never knew they were married to the same man, with each thinking he only has them as his only wife.

When the two women realized they were in a polygamous marriage and the man’s plan to marry even a third one, they took a swift action.

The video of the beating shows the Danesh’s two wives pursuing him with a handheld object as he was being walloped by it.

Other people around also joined in on the act as they started beating the 26-year-old man before he was arrested by the police.

It should be noted that marrying multiple wives has been illegal in India since 1956 for all its Hindu citizens, however Muslims are allowed to still practice polygamy.

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