VIDEO: I need help, I don’t want to relocate to Nigeria – Father of four laments

Few weeks after xenophobic attacks in South Africa which led to willingly evacuation of Nigerians living there, a confused and frustrated Nigerian man identified as Kofi Agyapong who is currently in Germany has appealed to Nigerians and people irrespective of differences to assist him over deportation matters because he does not want to relocate to Nigeria.

According to the video he shared on his facebook timeline, the father of four children is in a confused state in Germany and inspite of challenges he is facing there, he does not want to return to Nigeria. Kofi Agyapong wants people to beg the Germany government to allow him to stay with two of his children in Germany or help him fast track another country apart from Nigeria so that he would be able to take care of his kids.

In a video recorded by Kofi Agyapong and posted on his facebook timeline to explain his woes and appeal to people, he thanked the Germany government for providing them apartment after living inside the camp with his two kids for closely two years. He disclosed that he can not sleep very well because he always think of deportation issues and makes him think too much.

According to the father of four, “I can not sleep over this issue because of deportation and even now, I am not normal. Thinking is too much. How can I go Africa? The problem I use to face in Africa has never been solved yet and they want to send us to Africa, these kids and I. Where do you want me to start? Robbery, stealing before I can take care of these children. My people, I need unna help. Make unna help me out of this problem

He further said that, “Any country that would accept me and my children, I would appreciate too much. I need help. My son has spent 4years, no education and good food. I have four children; there are two in Nigeria and the other two in Germany. I need work to take care of my children both home and abroad.

“I need your help to tell the government to leave me and accept me with my family. I need help of whites and blacks. I can’t go back home empty handed with these children. These children must become a better version and they should not be like me. I need to train them. I need job, he decried.

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