‘Happiest’ One arm lady, Maryanne Michael gives birth to healthy baby boy (video)

Maryanne Michael, a survivor of a rare condition called AVM or arteriovenous malformation which is a disorder of the brain causing abnormal arteries and fistulas has welcomed a bouncing baby boy.

Excited Maryanne took to her instagram handle to announce the good news to her fans and supporters. Sharing the video of her newborn she captioned it with;

See my baby .
I know you people will say he looks like the father now
Thank you all for your best wishes and prayers .
Start sending your Push gifts oooo
It was not easy abeg 🙏🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

A good character always sells itself without marketing, such was the case of Maryanne. Despite her conditions, she found love in the arms of a very handsome young man and they are legally married.

The young lady went through several pains before help finally came from several Nigerians who sponsored her amputation in India.

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THIS SUPER GIRL Battled with AVM for years Her fingers got rotten and was infected with gigran ( strong infection) She was Always in pains, Always bleeding . . Spent part of her life in the hospital . . . . . Had 7 recorrective surgeries and two amputation surgery . In the midst of constant bleeding and unbearable pains, she became drugs addicted and depressed . . She had to quit school so as to take care of her self, . . . She went to India by her self 🇮🇳 where she had 3 staged surgery ( she took care of her self for 3 months by her self) She went through a lot of pain while in India her hand even caught fire at a time while she was trying to light the gas cooker . . After the surgery she came back home ( Nigeria) And another phase of pain surfaced . .. Had multiple cases where she almost bleed to death . . But she kept fighting for her freedom . . . January 16 2019 she consented to a below amputation of her arm . . . Her names are Micheal Oluchi Maryann She never gave up In the midst of everything she kept on believing in God . . . She smiled through the pains . . . She is A strong amputee with the grace of God . It doesn’t matter where your coming from what matters is where your going 🙏 . . Welcome to my journey to freedom 2014-2019 .. . THANK YOU INSTAGRAM ❤️ .TBT . #tbt #roadtofreedom #amputee #avm #avmsurvivor #onearmwarrior #amputeegirl #God’sgrace #thankyoujesus #ottobock #prothesis

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However, she has gained admiration and respect across several social media platforms for her strength and bravery in the face of adversity.

Despite her condition and experience, Maryanne has never let any of these to put her down emotionally. The young lady is always full of fun, happy in high spirit. Her Instagram handle @maryann7049 tells it all, at every opportunity she’s always thankful of being an AVM survival and always sharing throwback pictures with appreciative captions

Her funny dancing videos and skits which always goes viral perfectly defines how happy she is.

She is, however, also more than just her condition. A budding entrepreneur as well as a social media influencer, she gives thousands of people around the continent hope, wisdom and courage and she refused to quit her education despite her condition.

Recently her colleagues in school celebrated her birthday in a touching and surprising way. She was tricked to come to school, and they all surprised her as it can be seen in the video below.




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