Pandemonium as task force chase roadside traders, brutalize man in Anambra, footage shows damages

There was drama on Wednesday, Febuary 12, along unizik junction bridge, when a team of task force supposedly working for the Anambra State Government to sanitize the roads, and stop illegal and roadside trading, reportedly destroyed a road side trader’s goods, brutalizing him and hauling him away into their Hilux truck with on lookers clamoring for mercy and justice as the ‘uniform men’ rough handled the yet to be identified young man.

The task force did not stop at harassing the young man, they also harassed all they could wield their intoxicating power over, scattering goods and threatening any who dared to confront them.

According to an eyewitness, who reported the situation on social media platform, Facebook, the team threw away goods and destroying all that belongings owned by vendor.

The Facebook user identified as Samuel Nebort, took to the platform to share video from the scene with a caption, saying,

This is happening right now in Awka unizik Junction. By Ocha Brigade.

just because they are selling stuff on that unizik junction bridge. That why those guys on green uniform where beating them up and distroying this Goods. Fine tell them to leave they will go not to be beating them up like that. Your fellow Human created by God like You

Please lets make this video go viral

Within Nigeria monitored the event as it unfolds and we gathered some reactions from social media users, some accusing the State government, while some few others in support of ending roadside trading, blaming the victims for the blows that befell them. See some of the reaction below with the video as posted by a Facebook user…

See below:

In other news, the men of the Nigerian Police force capture the leader of a dreaded cult group, ‘Berry Boys’ allegedly recruiting through social media platform, facebook.

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