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Actress Ruth Kadiri tells Buhari what to do if he wants Nigerians to stay at home

Popular Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to dole cash gifts to all Nigerians if he wants them to stay at home.

With a video captioned; “Message for the federal government”, the seasoned actress pleaded with the president to pay at least 5000 thousand naira via the BVN of each Nigerian and with that the stay-at-home directive will be effective.

“Please even if it is N5000 monthly , put it in our accounts, I promise you we will stay at home. Even if it is N5000.” She begged.

According to her, Coronavirus and poverty are best friends becaused the virus lures you out through poverty, infects you and kills your family.

“The thing is, it’s not something we can see or touch, it means that you have no idea who is infected. It means that when you are infected, you have no idea whether your immune system will be strong enough to fight it.

“I beg you, we know Nigeria is able. You all brought up the policy of BVN, we all have all our BVN, I have more than five accounts but they all operate on that one BVN…

People are not working anymore to be rich, at this point, people are working to survive. And you’ll be amazed what N5000 can do in the life of somebody and then family members.” She added.

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