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VIDEO: Police reportedly shot Nigerian man dead in Ghana

There was chaos at Liberian Camp in Ghana recently, after a Ghanaian Police allegedly shot a Nigerian man dead for a yet to be disclosed reason.

A video from the scene of incident went viral on social media and a young lady who witnessed the incident was heard screaming in Pidgin English saying;

“Come and see wetin Ghana police dey do! Ghana Police! Ghana Police!

“Ghana Police don kill Nigerian boy!

“You see wetin Ghana Police dey do us Nigerians for here abi!

“No be small thing happen at Liberian camp side today.

Narrating the incident further, a voice note appended to the viral video said the Nigerian Boy went to Liberian Camp with his car to pick up his girlfriend. He was confronted by the Ghanaian Police, the confrontation escalated and and the boy resorted to physical engagement with the policemen, he was seen dragging with them before he was shot dead in the process.

The Narrator also described the act by the Nigerian man as foolish because he was dragging with Ghanian Policemen who allegedly does not like activities of Nigerians and they seize every opportunity to hurt them.

Watch video from the scene of tragic incident below.


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