Bobrisky’s rival, Jama speaks on racism, equates it to hatred against cross dressers

Cross dresser, Bobrisky’s rival, Bryan Nwankwo, also known as Jama, has taken to social media to speak up against racism.

Jama who equated it to hatred and low acceptance of cross dressers, talked also about his life.

He took to his Instagram account and wrote;

“All my life, it has been a journey from self-denial until I found acceptance within me. In this journey, I suffered on every end of the balance until I decided to stay true to who I am even when I knew that society would hate me.
I have done zero harm to anyone but I am hounded like a rabid criminal. My only crime was being who they deemed abnormal and this pushes me to find the answer to who sets the standards for normal.

I have made my peace and I will live a fulfilling life. I will not let anyone hunt me nor let their comments hurt me. I can create my own happiness, I will be fine without being haunted by the ghosts of discrimination.

I am not here to take anyone’s top spot. I just wish myself acceptance and not to be seen as a crime on two legs.
I wish it could be the norms. I wish everyone could see me and not think differently, but it seems the discrimination is in our DNA. And we blame other people for been racial to our kind.

It could be lack of understanding or maybe we are all the same afterall.



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