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Actress, Opeifa Adenike defends Funke Akindele after she was called out for alleged abuse (Exclusive)

Coming after Funke Akindele was called out by a former staff for alleged emotional, financial and physical abuse of her staff, up coming actress and one of her former staff, Opeifa Adenike has come to her defense.

According to Opeifa who has worked with Funke Akindele on four projects, she is a disciplinarian, she is just hooked up to her work.

“She is a disciplinarian, who doesn’t add fun to work. I have worked with Funke on four different projects and when i work with her she spurs me into seriousness. Most talents are not patient and if you’re one of them, you can’t work with Funke” Opeifa told Within Nigeria

She continued

“Funke always tries to get things done. She is a makeup artist on her set, she’s the hair stylist, she is a costumer on her set. She always tries to get things done, she tries to make things perfect, once your’e sitting and joking, she scolds you.”

When asked if Funke Akindele has ever hit her staff as claimed by Cassandra, Opeifa replied;

“I have never seen Funke hit her staff before”

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