See how Nigerian Youth are reacting to President Buhari’s speech

Coming after Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari presented his speech following the nation wide unrest as a result of the #ENDSARs Protest, Nigerian youths have taken to social media to react.

Within Nigeria had earlier shared a full text of the President’s October, 22nd speech. (Read It HERE)

Taking to different social media platforms, Nigerian reacted in different ways to his speech pointing out at the fact that it was pre-recorded and complaining that the president said nothing concerning the alleged Lekki Massacre.

See some comments below:

Ebuka Obichukwu: “We all know this speech wasn’t LIVE, it was prerecorded and aired.”

Alabi Asefo: “Please who understood what that old man said??”

Seun Kosh: “But why are the press not there to ask the president one or two questions??”


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Savage Duchess: “President spoke for just 13mins Is it just me that is feeling he talks with pride * no remorse or condolences * no provision for the deceased families * no accountability for the criminals who committed the murderous acts *No information on any investigations”

Nappy Blaze: “Buhari said protesters should go about their nornal businesses. So everything happening in the country obviously does not concern him”

Michael Wale: “What this a speech by a country’s president.. What a disgrace and slap on our face.. He is trying to tell us he doesn’t know of ghe Lekki massacre. God will fight for us”





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