VIDEO: Moment Instagram Comedian, Taaooma’s Boyfriend Proposed To Her On A Rooftop In Namibia

Details have emerged of how Nigerian Instagram comedian, Taaooma got engaged in February this year, unknown to her fans.

The IG comedienne, some months back, officially introduced her fiancé to fans on her YouTube channel and revealed that she was engaged but a recent video she shared on her channel shows how the whole proposal went down.

Her fiancé narrating the proposal drama, opened up that it went down in Namibia and revealed the people who were involved in making the whole process a success.

The young man claims to have bought her engagement ring two weeks before their trip to Namibia, said that even Taaooma did not catch a hint of his intentions as he asked her consistently the kind of rings she liked when they passed by ring stores, but she was totally oblivious.

Her fiancé was able to pull off the surprise proposal with the help of a mutual friend, who is also an IG comedian, @therealfemi and a few others.

Taaooma, who is half-Namibian had dreamt of being proposed to the way a couple did and her fiance tried his best to do something similar in the Southern African country.

He went on his knees on the rooftop of hotel and asked the love of his life to spend forever with him.

Watch below:





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