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Those Who Worship Wizkid, Davido Are Mentally Unstable – Mr Odanz Blows Hot

Kelvin Odanz, a Social media influencer, has blasted fans of singers; Davido and Wizkid who love to worship and defend the celebrities on all platforms.

Mr Odanz took to Twitter to slam celebrity worshippers, calling them mentally unstable.

According to him, it’s okay to like Wizkid or Davido, but it’s a different thing when people worship these celebrities and troll others in the process.

Odazn who is a communication expert stated that such people are almost like psychopaths. He added that from his experience, such people are not mentally stable.

He shared:

“It is okay to like Wizkid or Davido or any other celebrity for whatever reason. But the moment you make it a job to worship and defend them all over social media and troll others in the process, it becomes a huge red Shippe flag. Celebrity worshippers are not so far from psychos

“In fact we are getting close and I start noticing your constant defence and worship for any celebrity figure, I’d take large step back. From my experience, most people like that are mentally unstable. Very unstable.”

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