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NCC’s chairman, Akande reveals why religion is important for Nigeria’s development

Professor of political science at the Iginedion University and chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Adeolu Akande on Tuesday said Nigeria must be able to explore religion in seeking national growth through education.

This statement was uttered by the NCC chairman while speaking at the foundation day lecture of the Precious Cornerstone University, Ibadan in Oyo state.

Akande explained that there was a need to link education and religion to ensure sustainable development in the country.

In a paper titled, ‘Religion, Education and National Development’, he said Nigeria’s development “calls for an insight into the impact of religion on modern education”.

“Development exponents and agencies time and again refer to wars of religions and their attendant consequences as reasons for a total neglect of religion as partners in development,” he said.

“Therefore, in discussing issues of sustainable human and national development, there is a disinclination to consider the power of religion. Their main grounds for this come from their perceived intolerance among the religious faithful.”

Akande added that the history of education in Nigeria reflects the “antique relationship” shared between Christianity and education, likewise Islam which he said “shares great ties with the development of education in Nigeria”.

“Religious bodies, as one of their primary services to society, have sought for the moulding of citizens through schooling (education),” he said.

“The impartation of knowledge to generations has been the primary focus of the two major religious groups present in Nigeria.”

Akande explained that Nigeria’s national life reflects a “disconnect between religion, education and quest for national development”.

“If we are desirous of charting a new developmental path for the nation, we must realise the place of religion in education,” he added.

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