Turkish man allegedly pushes his pregnant wife off cliff after taking selfies with her

Police in Turkey have arrested a 40-year-old Hakan Aysal for allegedly killing his pregnant wife by throwing her off a cliff after posing for selfies.

According to the Sun report, Hakan Aysal is accused of murdering his 32-year-old wife, Semra Aysal, and their unborn baby during a vacation in Butterfly Valley in Mugla, Turkey, in June 2018.

The media outlet also reported that 40-year-old Aysal allegedly shoved his wife who was seven months pregnant off the cliff after they took pictures. She fell 1,000 feet and died instantly, according to the outlet.

After Semra’s death, the husband tried to collect on a life insurance policy he took out for her worth 400,000 Turkish lira, or about $57,000. But he was denied as police were still investigating his wife’s death.

Prosecutors charge the murder wasgn’t an “accident” and was premeditated because he wanted her money.

A court has ruled that Aysal be remanded in custody for premeditated murder.

Naim Yolcu, the brother of the deceased, said his brother-in-law didn’t appear to show any emotion after his sister died.

“When we went to the Forensic Medicine Institute to get the body, Hakan was sitting in the car,” recalled Yoluc during a video interview in court.

“My family and I were destroyed, but Hakan did not even appear sad.”


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