ANALYSIS: People and groups popular pastors have cursed to die and are still alive

Prophets are special human beings. What makes them special is spiritual power (prophecy and healings) and character. A prophet is one who utters divinely inspired revelations and foretells future events. Prophets are divinely empowered to command; Whatever they wish or desire (blessings or curses) come to fruition instantly.

Just like the story of Bar-Jesus, a magician and sorcerer who wanted to downplay the power of God and perverted the right ways of the lord but met his waterloo when Paul looked intently at him and commanded that he should go blind and Bar-Jesus became blind instantly. True prophets are direct messengers of God.

But some clerics especially in Africa and Nigeria to be precise are different. They are architects of failed prophecies and healings. Besides failed prophecies, they have a long list of ‘cursed people and groups’ who are still actively in business even those wished death are still alive, hale and hearty.

We now have many self-made prophets who are in possession of economic power, promoting deceits by staging fake miracles. These self-made prophets have created their own dimensions solely to manipulate their followers. They have become lucky by sucessfully tapping into the mass population of the weak and ignorant ones, systemically creating a targeted audience for their styles.

Biblically, true prophets have powers to issue commands at will and whatever they wish or desire happen instantly. Like Jesus Christ who cursed the fig tree and it withered immediately, the story of other prophets who did great and marvellous things was no different. Prophets do not guess, predict or assume. They look into the future, bless or curse people or groups and watch its manifestations.

Here are the compilations of ‘curses’ uttered by some Nigerian clerics to some groups and individuals who are still active in business:


On the 8th January, 2022, a popular news site not WITHIN NIGERIA published that Bishop David Oyedepo warned Christians to deviate from criticizing their prophets. He said such attitude attracts dangerous punishment like leprosy from God.

CHECK: Some Nigerians especially popular On Air Personality, Daddy Freeze publicly criticised clerics (men of God) after the pronouncement. As at the time of filing this report, no individual has declared that he or she has leprousy for criticising men of God. This reporter traced the social accounts of some individuals such as Daddy Freeze, Doctor Shobowale who criticised men of God and they have not contracted leprosy till date.

On the 9th of August, 2018, another online newspaper not WITHIN NIGERIA reported that David Oyedepo, the Senior Pastor of the Living Faith Church Worldwide also known as Winners Chapel rained curses on the killers of Jeremiah Omolara, the presiding pastor of the church in Romi New Extension, a suburb of Kaduna. Oyedepo cursed Fulani herdsmen, their generations and sponsors. He added that their end has come and the evil system will crash.

CHECK: WITHIN NIGERIA can not confirm if the killers are still alive or dead but there are still reports of killings, kidnapping and devastating destructions since 9th August, 2018. The evil system has not crashed.

On 13th of December, 2014, a popular online newspaper not WITHIN NIGERIA reported that Bishop Oyedepo cursed and predicted the end of Boko Haram terrorist group. Oyedepo said “Today Friday, 12 December 2014, marks the end of the harassment of Boko Haram in Nigeria, because Nigeria has been delivered from these fundamentalists. “I am sponsored by no one; I am a servant of the Most High and except I am not sent would you ever hear again of these terrorists’ mindless killings in the country”, he added.

CHECK: As at February 27, 2022, ISWAP insurgents killed eight people, razed a village in Biu, Borno state. Nigeria especially the north-east has recorded more havoc caused by Boko Haram terrorist group. The mindless killings, destruction of farmlands and others still persist. Despite the efforts of security agencies in the country, the group has continued to cause more havocs.

On the 5th of November, 2016, a popular news site not WITHIN NIGERIA reported that Bishop Oyedepo cursed people who criticised him over increment of tuition fees in his private university. Oyedepo who cited that one of such critic smitten with a strange plague of chronic mouth odour over the act cautioned others to avert the wrath of God.

CHECK: Some Nigerians like popular daddy freeze ignored the warnings and condemned the increment of tuition fees. They blasted the popular cleric for claiming that the increment was approved and ordained by God. Till now, none of his critics has come out to declare that he or she faced the wrath of God and informations available to WITHIN NIGERIA show that the popular broadcaster, Daddy Freeze is still alive, hale and hearty.


On January 28, 2022, a national newspaper reported that Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the founder of Salvation Ministry cursed internet fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo boy’.

According to the pastor, Yahoo boys would get into an accident with a car because their activities have led to the death of some persons who they have scammed off all their retirement benefits. He also laid curses on police officers who released arrested Yahoo boys after collecting bribes from them.

CHECK: As at the time of filing this report, there is still a long and growing list of internet fraudsters who have not repented and still in the business of fraud. There are still reports of police officers extorting and releasing fraudsters at gunpoint. Some fraudsters reportedly embarked on hot money rituals to boost their prosperity and control their victims of fraud. Findings revealed that most reported accident cases have no connection with yahoo boys.


On June 3, 2021, a popular news site reported that Paul Enenche, the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre on June 3, 2021 cursed Nigerian leaders, kidnappers and terrorists over insecurity in the country. “In this season, if anyone who has anything to do with insecurity escapes judgement, then God is not God, Paul Enenche assured.

CHECK: It is now more than 7 months and Nigeria is still under seige. Sponsors of terror acts including direct actors are still living large and moving freely in the country. Killings, kidnapping and destruction of properties persist which literally means sponsors and perpetuators of these evil acts have not repented neither face God’s wrath.

We have only mentioned few out of many Nigerian clerics who have not only cursed individuals and groups but boldly declared that they spoke directly with God on these issues yet nothing happened.


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