BBN 6: Ebuka’s ‘Table Shaking Questions’ To Emmanuel, Saskay And Others On Week 4 Eviction Show [VIDEO]

Big Brother Naija host, Ebuka Obi Ochendu, is fond of throwing momentous questions at the housemates based on their in-house actions, dramas, and relationships. This act is known as “Table Shaking” by the Big Brother Naija viewers.

During the live eviction show, Ebuka questioned some of the housemates about their actions over the week.

1) He started by tackling Boma over choosing Jackie B as a roommate instead of Queen.

Ebuka revealed that Boma chose Jackie B to join him in the head of house lounge because Maria ordered him to do so.

In line with this Ebuka asked Boma,” So who would you have chosen if Maria did not choose for you?”

Reacting to his question Boma said” New things happen every day. I could have picked Angel.”

Ebuka was surprised that Boma didn’t choose Queen and asked,” Why not Queen?”

Boma stated that Queen was a second option. He also tried to defend his decision for not picking Queen as a first option.

2) Ebuka asked White Money a series of questions about his altercations with Pere. “You seem not to react until JMK and Tega made it a thing,” Ebuka added.

White Money said,” I asked Pere if he was in character but he didn’t give me a reply. That’s when he turned his back and took off the belt and then my nut shifted.”

White Money also revealed that they are in a good place now.

3) Moving to Emmanuel, Ebuka revealed that Liquorose is the only one in the relationship; it is one-sided. He asked Emmanuel to explain what is going on between them.

Emmanuel replied, “I feel we are in a comfortable space.” He added that the speculation about their relationship was wrong.

4) Ebuka asked Saskay why she was switching between Cross and Jay Paul.

Saskay revealed that she is not ready to be in a situationship. She said she informed Cross and Jay Paul about her stance on the issue.

5) Ebuka asked Cross, “Why did you cut your hair? Did Saskay make you do it?”

Cross revealed that he was influenced by Saskay and Tega. He added that low-cut used to be his favourite hairstyle.

6) Moving to Queen, Ebuka asked, “At first, it was a bit of Pere when you came into the house, Boma came and left. And then White Money was at the window. What is going on?”

Reacting to Ebuka’s question Queen revealed that she was attracted to Pere due to his body physique, Boma helped her when she came to the house newly.

“I like White Money’s complexion and kindness. I like light skin guys,” Queen added.

Reacting to her revelation Ebuka said,” You like everything.”

7) In conclusion, Ebuka advised Tega against talking about the reunion show and the outside world, because it is frustrating to watch. He also advised the housemates to stop making gestures at the cameras. He urged them to acknowledge that they are the show and the viewers are watching.


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